Accident Reconstruction & Analysis

Rapid Response

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During an accident reconstruction analysis, the expert uses the available evidence and scientific principals to establish the events of an accident and ideally determine the pre-accident scenario. Examples include: accident causation; avoidance opportunity; visibility; position and velocities of the vehicles and pedestrians on the roadway; actions of drivers and pedestrians prior to impact; speed-time-distance analysis; and the mechanical integrity of components prior to an impact.


Scene Mapping via 3-D Scanning

A 3-D laser scanner is utilized to document the roadway layout, witness marks and vehicle damage profiles.

Heavy Truck ECM Imaging

Many heavy truck engines have an electronic control module (ECM) that may contain accident data. The ECM data may offer insight into the accident.

Passenger Vehicle EDR Imaging

Numerous passenger vehicles contain event data recorders (EDR) that may contain accident data. The EDR data may be found in the airbag control module (ACM), rollover sensor (ROS) or powertrain control modules (PCM).

Vehicle & Component Testing

The expert inspects passenger and heavy vehicles for damage and mechanical integrity. The mechanical inspection is detailed and follows accepted procedures. The expert can also develop tests for alleged component defects, such as a malfunctioning brake or steering system. 

Failure Analysis

Mechanical and Materials Failure
Analysis and Consulting

We have experience in assisting manufacturers and insurance companies in multiple industries, including the transportation industry, heavy industry, food industry, exercise equipment, HVAC equipment, piping systems, medical equipment, agricultural equipment, home appliances and office equipment.

The expert completes a detailed analysis with the aid of engineering principals, product research, standard research, product testing and computational modeling. We are very experienced over a range of industries and handle large and small projects.


3-D Scanning

A 3-D laser scanner is utilized to document equipment and accident scene layouts, as well as provide detailed and accurate measurements.

Laboratory Analysis

We have completed extensive inspections and testing of components. We also utilize industry relationships to provide unique customer solutions.

Computational Modeling

Computational modeling allows the expert to recreate the failure, without going through the costly expense of rebuilding the physical system. The expert can use computational modeling to confirm and demonstrate the cause of the failure.

Beacon Forensic

Industrial Problem Solving and Intellectual Property

Industrial Problem Solving

Our staff and consultants are industry specialists. We have successfully applied our knowledge in solving problems across multiple industries.

Our expertise has been used to assist manufacturers when working through product recalls with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the National Highway Transportation Administration (NHTSA). We are also experienced in assisting global manufacturers by providing root cause analysis in incidents resulting in serious injury and costly warranty claims.


Root Cause Analysis

The expert considers a broad spectrum of possibilities when investigating an incident. While not all incidents require the same effort, it is important that a plan is followed. We have the right plan and necessary experience to provide an effective investigation and analysis.

Industry Resources

We are experienced in numerous industries. We rely on that experience when approaching incidents.

Independent Resource

The qualified independent expert is able to offer a non-biased analysis.

Beacon Forensic

Intellectual Property

Beacon Forensic, P.C., offers consulting services on cases concerning patent infringement and claim clarification on various products. The expert reviews patents and the subject products, analyzes the design or performance of the product within the scope of its associated claims, and creates visual aids to demonstrate the conclusions. We have offered services in home goods, agricultural equipment, industrial equipment and toys.


Infringement Analysis

The expert reviews the patents and subject products, analyzes the design or performance of the product within the scope of its associated claims, and provides opinions.

Demonstrative aids

The expert designs a model demonstrating the results of an infringement analysis. The constructed model clearly communicates the issues.

Laboratory Inspection and Evidence Storage

The technical center located in Richmond, Virginia, provides a climate-controlled facility to allow for expanded product inspection and testing and evidence storage to meet the needs of our clients. In addition to accident reconstruction, failure analysis and industrial problem solving, the technical center provides us with the capability to conduct laboratory imaging that includes analyzing critical information downloaded from event data recorders (EDR) removed from passenger vehicles and/or heavy trucks after an accident.


Climate-Controlled Evidence Storage

Storing evidence under conditions that preserve the integrity and condition of the artifact.

Benchtop Downloads

The EDR is downloaded without a vehicle present. The EDR may be from the engine of a heavy truck, "black box" from a passenger vehicle or an infotainment system.

Laboratory Inspection

A clean laboratory area used to dismantle evidence to assist in the investigation of both simple and complex cases. The laboratory is also used to perform tests of products from various industries.